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[sociallocker]A tag inside the HTML of a Web Page containing a brief description of 150-160 Characters about the content of the page. The Meta Description is part of the Meta Tags and they appear on the SERPs as description of the page.


Don’t copy content from any internal or external source. All texts need to be original proprietary writing. Otherwise you will be penalised by search engines.

Examples for Meta Description

Code Example for a Meta Description

<!-- Begin Meta Description -->
  <meta name="description" content="This is an example of a meta description. This will show up in search results often.">
<!-- End Meta Description -->
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Example for Meta Description on Google

Meta Description Example

Optimal Format of your Meta Description

Length of the Meta Description

The Meta Description will be truncated if exceeding the character limit of 160 characters, sometimes less depending on the combined size of the letters. Your Meta Description should describe well the content of your page but not exceed 160 characters. If you recently changed it, control if it gets truncated on major search engines.

Optimal Content for your Meta Description

The Meta Description does not influence your position on the SERPs of most Search Engines, but are crucial to increase the CTR by advertising the content of your page on Google and provide searches with the information relevant to decide if to visit your page or not.

The Meta Description should describe with natural language the content of your website using the primary and secondary keywords.

Possible Improvements for Meta Descriptions

Please find below examples for Meta Descriptions on Zalando and ASOS and the difference in their approach:

Meta Description on ASOS and Zalando

1 (red)Primary Key WordPrimary Key Word
2 (blue)Incentivisation by displaying additional correlated secondary keywords (other types of shoes).Incentivisation by displaying benefits such as free delivery.

As you can see, Zalando and ASOS follow different approaches: while both Meta Descriptions contain the primary keyword, they differ on the second element. ASOS evidences the large selection of different shoes while Zalando pushes for features such as free delivery to incentivize the user to visit the webpage. Both, free delivery and wide selection, are meant to increase CTR on the SERPs.[/sociallocker]

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