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[sociallocker]The Search Engine Result Page, or short SERP, is the page displaying the result of a search for a particular keyword in search engines such as Google or Bing.

Are all SERPs identical?

The SERPs of Google & Bing compared

While there’s no formal standard on how a Search Engine should work, there are some widely accepted “Best Practices” on how Search Engines work. While 10-20 years ago variations were much larger, today most of the Search Engines display results in pretty much the same way.

As you can see in the comparison image, the SERP of Google and Bing are identically structured:

  1. Logo & Search Bar
  2. Result with Meta Tags (Title Tag & Meta Description)

In addition there are navigation elements in between. While the example shown is the most generic type of SERP showing only websites, there can be added elements in case of more specific searches. Local searches (for example for a restaurant and location such as “Pizzeria London”) can deliver local results like maps or other added information.[/sociallocker]

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