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[sociallocker]A URL or “web address” (Uniform Resource Locator) is human readable text that specifies the location of web resource (e.g. page, document).

Relevant aspect of a URL

User experience

To attract more users on your webpage, it is important to be clear on what the content of the page is. For this reason a URL should be clear on the nature of the resource that you will access by following it.

For example, the URL of the Women’s Shoes category page on Zalando UK reinforces the idea in the customer that by accessing the page he will see a selection of women’s shoes from Zalando UK.


A clear URL is important also for SEO, since, by inserting relevant keywords into the URL, you can help search engines understand the content of the related page. Despite being a minor factor for SEO ranking the joint advantages in SEO and user experience makes the URL optimisation an important aspect to take into account when building a website.

Best practices for a URL

  1. Edit your URL to be the more human readable possible
  2. Avoid dynamic parameters from the URL if possible (dynamic parameter example in red here: www.example-website.com/category/product.html?id=11)
  3. The shorter the better, avoid long URLs
  4. Insert relevant keywords but do not overdo or repeat keywords