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Why we made this Website

This website has been put together to create a central place for information needed to run a startup effectively. The purpose is to efficiently communicate knowledge, tools and processes to run a startup effectively and scale quickly as used by Milky Way Ventures Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MWV”).

What this knowledge base is (and what not)

This website contains guides and help for basic problems of startups with following focus:

  • SEO
  • UI / UX for webservices / websites
  • Financial Models for Excel / Google Sheets

It is in no way a complete set of instructions on how to make a startup and should be seen as help to get started and not as a complete guide. It’s a point to start working on your product but you should read more websites and make more research down the line.

How to use this Website

Most articles contain three sections:

  1. A brief definition / summary of the page
  2. The detailed content
  3. Links to other resources / See also at the end of the page

We try to keep all articles “Spot-On” and do not deliver any support.